Creative writing and day-dreaming

Phantasying bravely

I just read some ideas from Sigmund Freud as I downloaded his complete psychological work in the hope of my own amusement. I had to face soon that his writings are not equal to an easy source of entertainment, even though some titles made me quite interested, especially the chapter called 'creative writers and day-dreaming'.

I am very much interested in writing and upon its depths these days, as I just finished my book recently (Rose and Health - The book), and I also put a great effort to write my blog entries as arrestingly and accurately as possible. I would like to provide information for others which is worth to read, as well as myelf a reassuring feeling of satisfaction connected to my work.

This blog entry is a little different to what I usually write, however, if I think about the fact that writing gave me quite a significant amount of happiness, I could attach this matter to mental well-being quite easily. Writing, in many ways, is able to heal your soul.

Going further, I do think that every blogger is an artist, as s/he brings mere thoughts into the material world for the benefit of the public interest. The content of the entries is needed to be figured out, such as the title of them, that is followed by sentences one another in a logical line. All of this effort then forms into a text with the aim of publication as soon as possible. The whole progression requires inspiration, lots of research, time, contemplation, or even translation for some individuals - lots of artistic efforts

What is creation? We can define it as imaginative activity manifested as a public artefact. According to Freud, this imaginative activity apparently stems from childhood which was manifested by the child's play and games in that period of life:

"Might we not say that every child at play behaves like a creative writer, in that he creates a world of his own, or, rather, re-arranges the things of his world in a new way which pleases him?"

But what Pablo Picasso said is also a very interesting thought which is able to catch our attention:
"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
As we grow up, we definitely forget about playing, because our society literally forces us to get serious, and the only kind of play we honour is competitive play. However, playfulness is essential to humans. By adulthood, we 'give up' playing, but if we consider this a little bit closer, we can realise that it is very hard to give up a pleasure which we have once experienced. Actually, we can never give anything up, we just exchange one thing for another, so as the time goes by, instead of playing we choose phantasying, which can be named as 'day-dreaming'.

Phantasies are less easy to observe than chidlren's play, because children like to link their imagined objects and situations to the tangible and visible things of the real world. We can say that only this linking make a difference from the child's 'play' from 'phantasying'.

We should not be afraid of our day-dreams/phantasies, instead we shall benefit from them which also would be a great benefit for others. I can't even imagine how many books remained unwritten because of the fear of being ashamed by some of our certain phantasies. How many poems, blogs and novels could have been born through a more valiant attitude? 

Let me share one of my favourite quotes with you as a final thought:
"Whether or not you write well, write bravely."
                                                                       Bill Stout

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xx Rose

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  1. Love this post!

    I feel miserable when I've got no outlet for creativity!

    Lorna | |

    1. Thank you for your comment, Lorna! I felt the same for a long time, but I recently started to discover some principles of nature thanks to one of my friends, and since then I try to not force myself to do things. I read about Taoism that requires time to identify with, but it is worth it :) You can find the verses on a lots of websites, but here is one (if you're interested):

  2. your blog reminds me of an equally helpful and interesting blog on my reading list.

    1. Can you show me that blog, 'Health Article?' :)