Going to a wedding

Alkaline breakfast

Hi dear you, how are you? I just had a weird 'exam-dream' which is quite unusual, because right before the exams I never had them. (Maybe once during three months). Hopefully, my brain will process the stress soon. 

Today itself will help in it perhaps, because it's a special day, I am going to go my cousin's wedding. I am prepared to some good-quality drinks, haha. I'll wear a black dress, and I hope it will be fine... I mean, some people say it's better not wearing black at a wedding, but I think that wearing white would be worse. My cousin is cute, she banned buying wedding presents for her. But really, she has said to everyone: 'don't dare to buy anything, just a bottle of Nutella if you want'. :) So we have bought a bottle of Nutella for her. She will find it funny, I am sure.

I just had the alkaline food for breakfast which you can see above. Lemon water, and crackers with avocado, and tomato, plus spread by a bit vegetarian fat. Liver cleaning is important for today!! :)

Have a good day, I will show you some photos about the ceremony soon.
Until then, join me on Facebook. :)

x Rose

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