Avocado pudding

And Kevin Trudeau

I don't eat chocolate, cookies or pastry, but I crave for sweetish food sometimes. This simple, healthy creation always help me soothe this desire. It's so, so simple, I love it.


a cup of ricemilk
a whole avocado
vanilla powder
chia seeds if you want

Just blend everything!

It's creamy and sweet yet good for your health compared to conventional desserts. If you have some almond spread/cream at home, don't spare with that either, throw a tablespoon of that among the ingredients. (I left it out, because I just run out of it).

While I was eating this delicacy, I was listening to some mp3 audio files from Kevin Trudeau. They're a kind of motivational/inspirational/perceptional guiding/how to be rich files which I've got from one of my best friends. The guy (Kevin Trudeau) is American, he had written some great books which became bestsellers, and is interested in healthy lifestyle and financial subjects. However, I am a little sceptical about millionaire people who are teaching how to be a millionare, because 

a., being a millionare is not so important for me, even if they try to convince me about it
b., maybe he wants to earn money by teaching how to earn money?
c., he had been taking part in a secret circle, called 'Brotherhood' - I am not fond of these kind of things (since I prefer not considering the existence of Illuminati and similar stuff)

And after a tiny research I've discovered he is not really a millionare anymore because of some of his books which had been written about what is happening beyond the walls of pharmaceutical companies: he went to court and got significant financial penalty.

But whatever, I was curious of my friend's discovery, and I've also found some valuable thoughts from this guy on his facebook page:

"If you want to manifest your desires AND have inner peace/joy/bliss, then you must shed the Ego/mindThe ego seeks everything, and wants to take credit for everything "good", and blame others for everything "bad". The ego gets mad, angry, nervous, and anxious. Yet, the EGO also says it wants "enlightenment". Remember however, the ego wants everything for selfish reasons. When your ego is taking charge of you, you think that if you are enlightened, then you will know more than others, be better than others, be able to control others, get more than others, and that people will love/like you, admire you, adore you, follow you, praise you and give you accolades. You think that people will listen to you. The ego always thinks in terms of what anything (like being enlightened) can do for itself."

Well, that was a little wow for me, so I've decided I'll listen to his audio files. The 'course' contains 14 files, and each of them takes an hour. I am doing exercises while I am listening to his daily speech (or eating avocado pudding ;) ). I've already heard some great things from him, so I am willing to finish his course.

Thank your for reading. :)
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x Rose

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