Thoughts over breakfast

Good morning! 'Over my breakfast' I would like to share some matters with you.

Firstly, the food: it is a very simple alkalising creation. I just cut some veggies (cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radish, zucchini, pepper and spring onion) on my plate, and ate them with a few slice of home-made, yeast-free bread. It was nice, and I like the colours very much.

Secondly, this is the 8th day of my blog. Over the last few days, I was often thinking about this kind of new blogging style of mine. I mean, writing more about myself, and putting my personality into my posts is something which is more difficult than I have imagined. Some people surely like to mention what they are doing during the day by nature, but for me, this is new which is equally exciting and scary.

Why is it exciting for me? Because it's nice to fill my days with something which is more than doing my little activities (exercising, eating healthily, watching movies, reading books, going to some places etc.), and this nice 'filling' is writing about these activities. The purpose of my life is to be happy, make others happy, and also to be happy with others... And my blog is a little possibility for that. :)

But why can getting more personal be scary too? The answer is simple: because my ego does not like the thought of what others may think about me based on my blog entries. I don't know how many bloggers admit it, though. If this idea had not appeared in someone's mind, it means s/he is very confident, or s/he is reading ancient wisdoms very steadily. :)

I wish to belong to the latter group. :) Worrying about non-existing (or even existing) issues is meaningless, and removing concerns and worries, and experiencing life from a different ascpet is possible. I have heard about some old, ancient philosophies, and wrote a few a lines about Taoism in my lifestyle book 'Rose and Health - The book' too. However, I have never got into these teachings more deeply, because I haven't have enough time.

Unfortunately, religion is a taboo these days. People don't talk about it at their workplace or at family getting togethers (respect for the exception), because it's is a subject which can be embarassing or uncomfortable for many individuals. However, I like having a conversation about it if someone also have the will to talk about it. :)

If we approach religion by its traditional conception, I acknowledge I am not that kind of typically 'religious' person. I am a roman catholic according to some documents, but I don't practise it. Despite of this, I am not an atheist. I am just seeking for answers constantly, I have my own belief system, and I am sure more and more people are the same with it. I don't wish anybody to specify in which I should believe or to tell me what is right/what is not, since to define it precisely is very difficult (of course, a little guidance is nice, and having efforts to be a 'better' person, whatever it means, is also great). As I've realised, some of the very ancient philosophies, like TaoismBuddhism and Zen-Buddhism are getting into the focus point again. People are turning back to the roots, simplicity and ideas which don't force them towards anything. The Internet is full of with clever quotes and ideas which stem from the ancient wisdom.

I don't wonder at all. As I've said I scratched the surface a little recently, and found a satisfying result. I would like to know more, not just the basics in a shallow way, but maybe understand a bit more from day to day. I will tell more about it soon. :) 

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See you soon!

x Rose

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