Brutal alkalising

Just for individuals with strong taste buds

In the last two weeks I sinned too much (wedding, degree happiness, meeting with friends etc.) so today I decided I'll tap into the letcho (it's a Hungarian proverb which means an activity has a powerful, sudden beginning, maybe? Something like this) with a highly alkalising meal. I mean, highly...


nothing complicated, but even more effective


the No.1 foods in the alkaline food chart

I made this meal/salad together with my mum. Actually, I made it, and she was baking hot potato while watching the manifestation of my creativity, and having just asked in the end: - Will you really eat this? And I said: - Of course. I will do it 'on principle' even if it will be almost inedible.

I got ready quite soon and would have just started taking some photos of my creation with my phone (however my dream is a Nikon or Canon camera which I'll have sooner or later, so I promise the quality of my pictures will improve a lot) when we run out of gas. We have a weird gas tank for cooking which needs to be changed occasionally (have you got the country feeling?), and it seems, today was that day... Poor hot potatoes did not understand what has happened, but I wanted to save them by changing the tank quickly and efficiently... which turned into a little accident (I am alive. Just a tiny, little accident). When I lifted the thing, there was a little click in my waist, and now I feel that I have waist. I wouldn't say it hurts, I just know I have it. Claps for me?

Alkaline salad in it's raw reality. You can survive, I swear

So, yes, the alkaline salad... I ate it! It was sour, but the avocado helped. I ate it in about a half an hour, little by little considering every bite, but I've succeeded eventually. (And even the hot potatoes got ready by I finished the salad).

I don't know if you are a superior alkalising person or don't even know anything about this subject, but I'd recommend my book to you to delve into it's greatness more deeply.

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Have a lovely day!

x Rose

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