My usual bicycle trip

A few lines about my cycling ritual, and photos about the last one at sunset

As I've mentioned in one of my previous posts, I go cycling almost every evening, so I would like to tell more about it now. When I was living in Budapest, I did not have a chance to move out even for a quicker round, so these days I feel happy and more balanced because I got back something which I have missed earlier very much. I know some people are not afraid of biking in cities either, but I would not have enjoyed paying attention to a lot of things around me in almost every minute to avoid becoming dead. (I don't trust even pedestrians in cities).

When I had been suffering with studying, my cycling evenings usually helped my mind clear out and the things I've studied also settled down more efficiently this way. Biking is simply fun. Up the hills, down the hills. I particularly enjoy rolling downwards with a higher speed. I am often listening to music and thinking a lot. My evening bike tours have become a little tradition of mine which shall last until the middle of August. :) Northern-Ireland surely will be quite chilly, and my ears will be frozen during biking... Do you see? I am living in the future... It's not good. I need to read more about the ancient wisdoms. :)

Going back to the subject, I would like to intorduce my usual route to you (it's nice to get to know foreign places for you, hopefully), and a few pictures which I took during my last biking trip. To make it easier, I will precisely localise my place in Europe to you. So...

here's Hungary in Europe

 my area is signed with red (western Hungary <3)

my usual route

On pictures...

There's a stream next to the 'road', but it's hiding :D
Pines at sunset

Forest view

In the middle of a field. Dry plants at sunset. Very summer!

Thank you for reading/watching the photos. I am planning a blog about western Hungary at sunrise. I would even get up at 5 o'clock to take photos. :)

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xx Rose

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