Finals are over, sleep is coming

It's done. It's over.

As I said yesterday, I would like to write about the day of my final exam in the hope of your interest, since you may be close to a similarly meaningful yet stressful occasion in your life.

I don't like when something is so serious that literally my life depends on that. I have had a lot of hard exams, like anatomy, microbiology or even physiology (not psychology :) ), but finals are more cruel, since you can try them only once in a semester. At least in Hungary. (And it goes without saying that what I write is about Hungary, but I would be curious how things are going in your country as well. Comments are welcome). 

One day before the exam I could hardly eat. I felt that my stomach is as small as a walnut. I started to repeat the studying material at 7 am in the morning, and was doing it until 2 am next day with shorter and longer breaks. I tried to read dynamically yet carefully, because I knew this is the last reading before the challenge. Sometimes I got desperate and thought why I even started the university - it's inhuman and not fair, because no matter how hard I try, it's impossible to know everything.

The weather was very nice outside, sunny and hot, and I was envious of people who are on the beach. I knew that in a few days I will go to the beach as well even if I fail, but subconsciously I could not be happy, because the fact of the failure would embrace me in every minute. I did not want this feeling during the summer. I wanted it to be a great time without annoying thoughts.

So, I read everything once more then slept 3 and a half hours, and got up at 5.30 am. My sister brought some food for me, so I forced it into myself. Then I got on my black trousers and white top, and left to the university.

I met with my classmates who were as nervous as me. We talked, and I got to know that somebody went to hospital, because got a break-down of the stress. (That's a bit heavy!) Then we spoke about some part of the study material too which was surprisingly useful. 

The exam started with the thesis presentation since it's not enough to write your thesis, you also must introduce and explain a few parts about it. The idea of speaking in front of ten professors were not enticing for me, but had to accept that. Fortunately, it was not as horrible as I imagined earlier, because I have practised my speaking at home, so the sentences came into my mind easier (only my voice were trembling a little). 

Happy face after a big portion of junk food at home
My stomach were still tiny so I drank only a small box of rice milk. I was the second last student at the exam, and I did not mind it, because the teachers got a bit tired by the afternoon, so they were less strict, and had a better mood as well. I have become more relaxed too, because got some energy of the thought that I deserve to pass, because I did study a lot, and I must be lucky today. I have had so many exams where I were amazigly unlucky, but today I will not be. And eventually, I were indeed not unlucky, I got a great mark which I was just dreaming about earlier. To conclude my feelings, they were euphoric. I have become a public health inspector finally!

After the announcement of the results the professors congratulated to us, and already said about two job opportunities (one at a hospital as a hygienist, and the other one at a public health institute). I did not care about them, because I will possibly go to Ireland soon to redeem the world... Erm.. We'll see.

The graduation ceremony will be held on 4th of July, and I am curious about it. I think, it will be long and very boring, but maybe nice too. :)

Thank you for reading, you can follow me on Facebook too, if you wish. Have a very nice day! x

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