Visiting a lake nearby

“Green was the silence, wet was the light,
the month of June trembled like a butterfly.” 
- Pablo Neruda

The temperature was above 30 degrees today as well, so my sister and I decided to go to the beach today. Our favourite place is a huge aqualand which is called Aquacity, and which is a gorgeous, artificial water establishment with giant water slides, wave and jacuzzi pools etc. An aquatic paradise... which was closed today. I don't even understand, since it's the middle of June, summer is powerfully here, and I'm sure so many people would have gone there... The place will open its gates just in a few days.

In spite of this, we really wanted to swim and sunbathe today, so we went to a lake nearby by bicycle (lake Borostyán). It is in a peaceful forest environment, and we had a very good time here. I truly felt free, I was just reading, listening to music, cooling down in the water, enjoying the sunshine... Perfect. After my exams I could not have wished more. My skin has got a bit reddish, but just a tiny, little bit, really. I don't mind it, because I prefer when I have some colour. (Unfortunately, tanned skin usually happens after being red for me). 

I also enjoyed cycling today. These days I am doing it a lot, I take my usual route almost every second day which lasts about 30 minutes: I ride to lake Vadása which is followed by Őrimagyarósd and Szaknyér then I take the direction towards home. I will show you a mini-map about this favourite circle of mine soon.

lake Borostyán
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