Lovely wedding day

Good evening! My cousin has got married. Wow. It is quite weird, because I remember when we were kids, were just playing at the playground, and now she has just had the first step towards starting a family. The speed, how time flies scares me sometimes.

The ceremony, both it's civil and religious part was very nice. Because of my little black dress I've got some compliments, so it was fine in the end (I was a bit worried about wearing black at a wedding).
The reception venue was held at a castle (also a hotel) in the village of Rátót, and the civil part of the wedding was here too. The dinner took place at the subground floor of it, and after taking seat, we started drinking and enjoying the special foods. The atmosphere was pleasant and fun, because we had a good time with our table companions and were laughing a lot. The drinks (pálinka, Baileys, champagne, wheat beer) and the wedding menu was amazing. I have experienced similarly stunning tastes a very long time ago. My taste buds literally could not believe what is happening. 

A bit later I was talking to the photographer, as I am interested in everything which is connected to art somehow, and he allowed me to take photos. I was showing off with my little knowledge about golden section, (haha). I also had a conversation with a doctor who has had a job in Northern-Ireland, and he told me some good things about the possibilities there. I was happy for that, because I have heard some bad news from there recently. However, I've decided that I'll listen to everyone's opinion, but since it's too subjective I won't take conclusions, only when I experienced some stuff by myself. (It will be justified to be happy or even sad only then).

We, the younger group of the guests, were drinking and talking until 4 am. Crapulence did not avoid me today of course, but I slept a lot during the day, and was drinking lots of lemon water so it's much better now. I will return to my perfect diet tomorrow. 

Hope you like the photos. :)

Széll Kálmán castle
with my sister
Sex on the beach cocktail
Nice, no?
Relaxing a bit before dinner

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x Rose

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