Studying further

in Northern Ireland?...

I am so so so angry. 

But let's start at the beginning... These days I am often thinking about the possibility of Northern Ireland's higher education. Should I apply somewhere or not? How much money would I need to pay if I applied? Could I require student loan if I needed to pay a bigger amount of money? A lot of questions...

I know... that I did not even get my Hungarian degree officially (it will happen on 4th of July) so maybe it is weird I am already thinking about another education opportunity, but... I've realised I truly want to try myself in it. I am damn curious about having studies in a different country, and especially in English. I would like to get to know the differences between the education system of Hungary and Northern Ireland (and of course, I'm secretly hoping to find the latter much easier :P).

Because of my curiosity, I am often lurking around some websites. Actually, I have checked the South West College, Cafre (College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise) and Ulster University. My first problem is that I still don't know what is the real difference between a college and a university. I only assume that a university is a bit 'more', maybe it gives a slightly higher certification than a college? I'm half-clueless.

And secondly, the websites are literally a mess. A true, real, horrible mess where you can't find any information normally. I don't exaggerate.

I often did the same searching when I attended secondary-school: I was thinking where I should study further, I was checking the insitutions online, and got a clear, understandable, overall picture quite soon. (If somebody asked me, I would still know where and what you can study in Hungary and what you'd probably need to accomplish for that). But this method does not work this time. Maybe the language differences and the dissimilar system make me confused, but it's not 100%. The websites are simply not user-friendly at all. So, yep. That's why I am angry.

When I have been in Northern Ireland in April for two weeks, I went to the local college (Omagh Campus - South West College), but I did not really get the answers for my questions. And I have forgotten many anyway. I will probably need to go there for information again.

You can see the Omagh Campus of SWC below

It's quite a nice building located in a green area with a nice river and bridge besides. I'd study there. I feel like that. But what and which level and when and how? At the moment, I only know I'll probably try IELTS at the end of August, because it could be quite useful even if I won't apply to a college or a university... I dare to hope that employers would take this kind of language certificate into consideration too. Oh, and I don't need an advanced level so the pressure is lower.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading. See you tomorrow. :) x

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x Rose

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