Summer Haul

I went shopping today... Yes, I did. Finally. (Just for girls!)

My ultimately favourite town in Hungary is Zalaegerszeg. It's not far away from my village, so I went shopping there today. First of all, I had a little lack with birthday presents, so I wanted to make it up, but I thought that I won't resist if I catch a glimpse of something nice yet cheap.

It was a great day, eventually. I could really buy the presents, and spoilt myself with some inexpensive stuff a little. I went to some drugstores at the beginning of my trip then took the direction to the shopping centre... where there was a powerbreak... Interesting. I thought what if it happened at Aréna Plaza or Árkád in Budapest with hundreds of people inside? Would have been so funny. But this actual situation was quite funny too. I had to sit and wait until the power came back, because there was a complete darkness in the stores, I would not have seen the goods.

To cut the long story short, take a look at my things...

Every girl uses eyeliner. It's a basic piece, but not every of them meets with our expectations. This one, however, will be fine hopefully, because my sister has a positive opinion about it. The description says it lasts up to 24 hours. I'll be curious, because eyeliners, for me, usually start to run after a while, and it's annoying since I don't always have a possibility to fix my make-up. My eyes a bit deep-set, so this problem is very typical for me.
It was the most expensive item among what I bought today: 2650 Ft ~ 9,5 USD ~ 6 GBP

I fell in love with this top immediately. Not only because there are roses on it (I prefer roses maybe beacuse of my name? What an egoist I am :P), but its back is fully lacy, and I like lace very much. I think, its quite elegant, I can imagine wearing this top during a hot summer walk. It was 1995 Ft ~ 7,3 USD ~ 4,5 GBP

I literally love bookshops. I could not stand not to take a look into one of them. It was not just a 'look' in the end, because I was wandering among the bookshelves at least for a half and an hour. I did not really want to buy a book connecting to the 'ancient wisdoms', because the Internet is full of with them, you can download a lot if you wish, and firstly I even wanted to learn about Hinduism anyway, but the book was only 990 Ft ~ 3,6 USD ~ 2 GBP, and contains little tales which help you understand the subject a bit more. I could not left it behind. At the beginning of the book there are the easier stories, and how you go ahead, they become more complex. The cover says the book reveals 10 levels of  the enlightenment. Should be a nice reading, I suppose.

I know this top looks a bit weird how it's laid on my bed, but when I get it on, it's great. Of course, I'll need one more layer under it, like a top bra or something (maybe in white? - I can imagine). I prefer drab coloured things very much, and this top gives me a little summer-feeling as well. Would have been suitable for the hay bale photo some days ago. :) Price: 1150 Ft ~ 4 USD ~ 2,6 GBP

At the store I thought this is a pair of shorts at first glance, but no, it's a mini-skirt. I have had some mini-skirts, but they were always very simple without any embellishment. I think, this piece is quite unique. I like how it is faded, rugged and I prefer the small, fair dots on it too. Price: 2200 Ft ~ 8 USD ~ 5 GBP

Actually, the purpose of my trip (apart from birthday presents) was buying a hat like this. I would not have thought I'll succeed, but I did in the end. I just love this item: the size of it, it's material, and the ribbon, of course. I don't know where I will wear it, but I can imagine it on the beach, or during walkings at very sunny days when you are afraid of getting a sunstroke. The price of it is even more amazing than the hat itself: 1150 Ft ~ 4 USD ~ 2,6 GBP

And, as a final thought, I eat this bowl of cherries today as a nice ending of my tiring yet great day.

I bought every piece of cloth at Cosmos City which is an amazingly cheap chain store in Hungary (as you can see above). :)
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See you tomorrow!

x Rose

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