Traditional folk fair

in western Hungary

Before the event at home. Exciting selfie time.

I went to this traditional event yesterday called 'Őrség Fair'. Before sharing some photos with you, let me tell you what this is about in a nutshell.

First of all, Őrség  means 'defence area'. It is a border country: the most western tip of Hungary is pointing into Austria and Slovenia. The Őrség National Park is a mystical place in the Hungarian mind. Villages nestling in valleys, and the plateau is gently cut by sparkling streams. The area has strictly reserved its traditions, so the place is considered an enticing destination for 'city people'.
The center of Őrség is Őriszentpéter which is a town according to official documentation, but it's much rather a village-like area. Locals are often laughing at the town appellation. :)

The Őrség Fair is the most popular program in the Őrség with folk art fair, exhibitions and concerts. The event was equal to partytime for me in my youth, but since my local close-knit friendships have fallen apart, this event is just something where I go if I have nothing better to do on the day it's held. :D

So I went there. In comparison with the last years, nothing has changed. Unfortunately, the fair is still not just about folk art 100%, you can also find Chinese waste here from toys to underwears. It's possible to ignore them, though.

Spiralised weirdness (potato), but I think it's quite cute
Lemonade and pie
One food stand of the many. You could eat whatever you wanted
As you can see, eating was not an obstacle if you felt like it. Except if you don't eat meat, since neither of the foods were vegan, nor vegetarian here. People were crazy for sausages, wursts, bacon, greaves and for everything which was made from meat. Typical country attitude. :) I was fine with my potato spiral.

Ancient Hungarian items. I should have tried on the hat in the middle. A huge loss of mine. :)
I am sure my grandma would have appreciated these... things :)
Whoever made them, I acknowledge his/her patience
Sorry for not sharing photos of the high-quality Chinese goods. :) Maybe next time.

Various cold-pressed oils - true value for me
Bio mustard products. We were allowed to taste them. The flavours were indescribable
We must bought one of them. Sugar-free, 'fitness' mustard. :D
Only mustard seeds, salt, water and spices. Since then I eat only this.
Actually, I like this kind of fairs for the home-made (or primary producer's) goods. You can buy bio-vegetables, jams, honey, spices etc. from the local prodcers, and their quality is incomparable to the products at stores. Ah, that mustard... :)

And my lavender bouquet from the fair. I've put it in the middle of one of my bookshelves. I like its smell, and also to look at it
In spite of the crowd, it was a nice day. I just thought that maybe it was the last Őrség Fair I've visited...

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xx Rose

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