3 cute animal weirdness

...I can't stand to not show you.

Hi everyone! As you may know, my blog is centered around Northern Ireland (and healthy foods) mainly, but since I am not in Northern Ireland yet, just contemplating about it (lol), I must focus on my site's third subject category quite a lot which is 'my random ideas'.

This post's source of inspiration was the fact that my sister and I love to get to know our world's funny, cute creations, and brighten our mood by looking at and admiring them. I would like to introduce three of them to you in the hope of providing some cheerful seconds.

Starting with an older experience, when I was about 12 years old, I visited Budapest's Tropicarium within a family trip where I had the possibility to see a dogface pufferfish (named Arothron nigropunctatus officially). Up to this day, I remember this special fish, and I can say that I found it far more interesting than sharks and alligators. Just look at that face! It is really a gorgeous fishy sort of fish.

If we are on the subject of sea living beings, let me show you one more sea weirdness/cuteness. I discovered them just yesterday, and they got a bit of a laugh from me. It is a sea slug species which can be recognised as a bunny because of its appearance. You would surely not consider them neither adorable, nor lovely if they did not have this unique, furry bunny shape but, for this reason, it is not easy to despise them. Their bunny ears are actually rhionophores which help them identify some chemicals in the ocean. Jorunna parva is their original name.

And finally, you can see a real bunny below. Its name is Wally and he is an Angora rabbit. His species is raised for its long, soft wool, but what makes Wally special is that he has got a funny fur cut emphasising his fluffy ears. You may have seen him before, because this guy is quite popular on the Internet nowadays, and has thousands of fans on Instagram. Too cute. :)

Hope you liked these weird, funny animals. You can follow me on Facebook too for more random ideas, health tips or just for joining to my spiritual wing spreading.

See you soon, x Rose

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