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Baška, Krk Island, Croatia + my first YT video

As I've mentioned in one of my earlier blogs, I visited Croatia (Baška) a few days ago. It was a two-day trip, amazingly tiring, because we slept two nights on the bus, but even the inconvenience was worth to be there (on a very very tiny price).

I love Croatia. I was there four years ago, and I really wanted to return as many times as possible in the future. I can say I am lucky, because Croatia is Hungary's neighbour, so when I go there from Budapest, the journey takes only 8-9 hours by bus, and when I travel there from home (I live next to the border), it's only 5-6 hours by car.

What I particularly like in Croatia is the crystal clear water and the mediterranean environment with light, bold cliffs everywhere. When I stand in the waist-high water, and I can still see my feet, that's priceless. 

We had pretty hot weather but the water was cold, fortunately. When we wanted to cool down, we just dip in the foams, then went back sunbathing.

I can't even imagine how great it can be to live at a mediterranean area. As I have heard (and experienced in Croatia), the language would not be an obstacle, because the majority of the citizens speak English. The people whom I asked something, could always respond in a very good, understandable way.

Henceforth, I would like to show you some photos of the Croatian beach we visited. It may help you to be more determined if are planning a holiday to Croatia nowadays or in the distant future. :)

The beach in the morning
Love the colours. Can you see how clear the water is?
I would not mind a similar sight from my window
Wouldn't mind this sight either
We went up to a church, so we could enjoy the view of the whole area
I've got very tired by the time we arrived to the top, but have not regretted this little trip

And, as a little plus, let me show you the first YT video of my life from which you can acquire a nicer impression than staring at only the photos. I can't say it has become a materpiece, but hope you'll enjoy it. :) Your encouragement by subscribing to my channel would be very welcome.

Thank you for reading and watching :)
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See you soon,

x Rose

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