AquaCity day

We have finally completed the Aqualand adventure!

In the last few weeks the weather was quite rainy and chilly, so I notified my sister as soon as I realised the real summer is coming back. (I'd been checking the weather forecast all the time).

This Aqualand is an aquatic paradise: huge water slides, wave and jacuzzi pools, etc. I love the place since my age 12, and it has not changed. It is located in Zalaegerszeg (favourite town of mine in Hungary) where we went by bike and bus. We arrived by the opening time, so fortunately could occupy the best possible place: nice view, enough shadow and no other people around us. I don't like crowd, so going there on Wednesday was a great choice.

We was swimming, sunbathing and eating... The usual beach agenda. At one of the buffets I ate the hottest, most spicy food ever in my life. I felt as a dragon who will breathe fire in a few seconds. I must told my sister to buy some water for me, because I was sure I'll die. :D

In the middle of the day the sun literally disappeared. I felt very cold in my wet swimsuit, it was so unpleasant. I even got on my t-shirt, started reading my Zen tale book, and tried to discover the beauties of a chilly beach day... when the sun came back. I got off my t-shirt too quickly, and jumped onto the sun with a big movement - it was funny. The weather was perfect from this moment as much as I had to pay attention to not get burn on the sun. 

I enjoyed sliding the most among the possibilities that the place offers. Since my left knee is a bit bad, I was afraid of it a little, but should not have: it was great and fun. But I let the photos speak instead of me. An SLR camera would help convey the sight much better than my phone, but I think the place is quite amazing on phone pictures as well.

The AquaCity at 10 o'clock in the morning
The view from our place
Just me. I could wear this hat finally! Yay
My cute sister
The hill of the slides
Bottom view (from a pool underneath)
Me at the railway station towards home. Not sad, just a bit tired.
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Have a nice day! 

x Rose

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