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When I finished my very creatively named book: 'Rose and Health - The Book' :D, I felt that I must gain some energy until I'll be able to write/talk about the importance of alkalinity again. I felt as if I did my best within this work in a structured, well-explained way. Sometimes I even thought that I will never have the same energy again. 
But today, the moment when I wanted to share one of my amazingly easy-to-prepare, green alkalising salad recipes with you to tell how good it is for our body and cells made me realise something. I was stunned as if a lightning bolt had struck me: I can't never stop passing my insights/knowledge on others, even if I feel that I have given full measure by a book. Talking about healthy food recipes is great, but why you would believe that the food I share is healthy if I did not express why it is healthy? 
Maybe it is just me, but when I find websites and blogs full of healthy recipes and nice photos on the Internet, but don't see the reason why I shall think that the certain food creation is really, completely healthy, the site does not leave anything on my mind - I don't feel an urge to try the recipe. Blind belief is comfortable, but after I had lost my health once, for me, this is just not enough. You must know, even a little, why some ingredients are good for your body, and why others aren't. 
Henceforth, I wish to scatter the seeds of the importance of alkalinity towards everyone again who is ready to accept them. If someone (like me, if I may say) had acquired honest insights about something, 'teaching' itself can't never come to its end. It is similar to learning. I do believe that lifelong learning is a real notion, since life never stops teaching us. This realisation is not new for me, just a sense of confirmation.


An alkaline "diet", as you will see, is not only a diet, it's a lifestyle, a new way of thinking and living. A special, unique, possible kind of style of your life. I have been following this way of living for nearly 4 years, and I feel blessed, very lucky and happy. This syle of life provides me peace of mind, as well as harmony in my body, and since the two go together, I have been able to create a positive existence circle for myself. (If your body improves, your mind too, and if your mind becomes healthy, it contributes to your physical well-being as well). When there are troubles, difficulties or annoying moments in my life, at least I don't need to worry about my health condition. And this is a significant result as I know when someone's well-being breaks down, there is nothing else to speak about. If you are not healthy, you have nothing. Health is the very first on the list of life, but many people simply don't appreciate it until they lose it.

I would like to present the most important details of a healthy, alkaline diet to you. Please, read my words, think about them, and according to your possibilities change some little habitual things in your diet and mind.

You must prevent losing your health. The loss of it is not programmed in your genes, it is influenced by many many things; and if it happens, it always has a complex reason what your doctor is surely unable to determine, because

a., s/he was not with you when, for instance, you ate badly; it's only you who know what you did, when, how and how many times - only you are responsible for your health, not your doctor
b., your doctor probably does not acknowledge that lifestyle issues are the main reason of every disease and symptoms (nor you, maybe, but I hope it can change slowly if you come along with me)
c., s/he, perhaps, eats twice as badly as you - how could s/he help then? (Sorry, but please, look at your doctor: does s/he look well? No? Is s/he overweight, maybe? Yes? Then how can you wait from her/him to help you, honestly?)

I know this is not an easy subject at all but you, as I promise, can really do a lot for an ultimate vitality. The keyword (or key expression) is just staying in balance. Even if you eat unhealthy foods sometimes, or drink alcohol or coffee occasionally, you just have to stay in balance. I repeat myself, because this is as important as I will mention it multiple times. This is the foundation of your health. Seek it and do for it. If you 'sinned' a lot at the weekend, let's have at least 1-2 days during the weekdays when you eat only healthy foods and drink clean water.

And again, think about this word: balance. What does it mean on a bodily level? I believe, this is when you have the energy to work, to deal with your everyday activities and to spend time with your friends and family members; and your body does not suffer of greater or lesser symptoms of diseases (allergy, digestion problems, rough skin problems, low energy level or whatsoever).

Everyone should live like that. Staying in balance simply should be instinctive for humans, but in these modern days we have obviously lost it somewhere along. We can't truly be 100% blamed, because our busy lifestyle does not always let us deal with our health. You don't always have enough time to prepare your food for school or work, and the place where you study and have your job does not always offer a wide range of choices to eat healthily and heartily too. Going further, wherever you go, you see enticing, tasty foods which make your mouth water, and it is just very hard to refuse them so often.

A very usual, relating example just came into my mind. In Budapest, Hungary... At the metro station there are a lot of little bakeries pouring a lovely smell of freshly-baked croissants and cakes towards people, you can experience it from even a huge distance, and you may think: ok, I'll eat one: just one, just today. And you buy a croissant, nibble it, and feel happy, but finish it in 2-3 minutes. Then you arrive home by the metro, and open your fridge because you still crave for something. Then you may turn to comfort food again. And you may think: it's the last, because you start dieting tomorrow anyway. But tomorrow the croissants' smell will be as lovely as yesterday, and you'll be tempted again and again and again. If this is not the smell from the metro station's bakery, you'll always face with similar situations. Whenever and wherever you want, you can get rubbish food in some minutes.

You can't go to a deserted island to avoid this temptation fully. But you can learn how to handle it, how to remain happy and how to maintain your body's balance. I don't think that eating itself should be equal to satisfaction or pleasure, but for so many people it means a lot, it means the whole world to some of them. If you belong to one of these groups, alkalinity still can be your saviour. Just keep the keyword 'balance' in your mind. You surely have enough gumption for that, and also the ability to acquire the hows; you just have not met them yet, maybe. Feeling an honest urge to help, I am able to help you if required.

By studying the basics, you will be able to evolve your personal, effortless healthy lifestyle as the time goes by.

Thank you for reading, next time I will explain how to live without emotional eating and attachment to foods. Hope you'll join the journey.

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