The best vegan restaurant

In Budapest - Napfényes Restaurant

After my graduation ceremony, my family members and I went to eat at a special place which is the 'king' of the vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Budapest. I really wanted to hold my little celebration at a restaurant which is a., not a usual, boring place b., the foods do not contribute to any negative health-related issues of my family (my grandma has diabetes and high-blood pressure, for example) and c., the meals are delicious yet you don't experience unpleasant discomfort after some lavish meals.

Following a plant-based diet for nearly three years, I am quite aware of the healthy eating possibilities throughout Hungary thus Budapest. What I have realised since my diet shift is that our country is not really catched up with the vegan revolution yet (but it's rapidly improving, though). Furthermore, according to another observation of mine, the available Hungarian vegan catering doesn't really provide a wide range of choices, nor a satisfactory eating opportunity. I have been at many buffets, cafeterias and juice bars, but have never met a place which standards would approach a higher level.

Fortunately, with the help of a facebook group named 'Vegan in Hungary' I could acquire a lot of information about the Hungarian vegan places from many experienced people. It wasn't a difficult task to decide where to go eventually, because the opinion of the majority was largely congurent: there's no other place that could compete with the Napfényes Restaurant. And it really appealed to me after I had shot a glance at their website. All of their dishes are made from purely vegetable ingredients without any meat, eggs or dairy products, and they avoid using preservatives, additives or coloring agents, etc. I have read many many good things.

Eating there was a great choice, indeed. The restaurant itself is brand-new with lovely colours and a warm, friendly athmosphere. Its name 'napfényes'=sunny really fits with the place because it's located at spacious corner letting a lot of sunshine inside. The prices are very reasonable, we can say the dishes are almost cheap. The most expensive, hearty meal costs only 2200Ft ~ 8$ ~ 4,8GBP - and let me add it's a fancy place located in the inner city very close to Elizabeth Bridge, I don't know if you could eat so cheap anywhere else around there. The staff were very friendly and helpful as well.

Elizabeth Bridge

At the restaurant...

Ginger lemonade with the menu (even the menu is well-designed)
Seitan cutlets marinated in mustard and garlic with grilled veggies and soy yogurt dressing
Fried vegetable cream crepes on a platter with fried onion mashed potatoes and non-dairy mayonnaise
Black forest cake
Fruit cake

Yummy, no? The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday 12:00 - 22:30, and a lot of events are held there (there'll be a live piano music dinner on Saturday evening, for instance). If you are vegan, vegetarian, follow a plant-based diet or simply crave for healthy, special foods and are planning to visit Hungary, I do recommend this lovely place to you. :)

Thank you for reading. Come along with me on Facebook, if you wish. :)

xx Rose

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