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"I will always serve the human life and health with my knowledge" 
(part of the medical oath)

Once upon a time (on Saturday) I finally got my degree within a usual graduation ceremony. I had been studying at Semmelweis University if I have not mentioned it earlier: it's a medical institution which is one of the bests in Hungary according to some national statistics, and it warmly welcomes a lot of foreign students as well, like from Spain, Greece or Italy. I think, the costs of the Hungarian higher education is low compared to other countries', that's why the courses are quite enticing here. Just saying. ;)

The ceremony was held at Budapest Congress Center and we, as little magicians from the Harry Potter series, went there to receive our piece of paper in order to place it on one of our bookshelves at home later. The whole event has taken three hours. If it wasn't about me, I would have considered it so boring. (Poor relatives :) ). We had to listen to a lot of speeches of course, but everything had been translated into English, so my attention was engaged the whole time. We could enjoy a classical music performance by a pianist guy and a string quartet too, however, during the third piece I was just thinking about the food what we'll eat after the ceremony. The schedule of the event was quite smooth anyway, only one of the students' fall from the platform caused a little disruption.

While I was sitting in the huge room, I just thought how strange, it's really over. Some memories about the difficulties and great moments of the university came into my mind, but basically I was happy for closing the past five years - officially at this time. It's good I have never given up even at the hardest moments, and I could finally harvest the fruit of my efforts.

If you are also a student studying somewhere, please accept an advice from me which greatly helped me getting through the uni's hard times: you must always concentrate only the tasks which are right in front of you. If you have 18 exams in a semester, don't even think about it, just go and take them. If you fail, try again until you succeed. Sooner or later you will. How many people have accomplished their studies much later than they've expected? A lot of people. The thought of never stopping and never giving up had always been my saviour. Listening to a little voice inside, which said 'I can do this', brought me forward all the time. And as a final thought: I have acquaintances who could accomplish their studies, however I have never dared to imagine they will (never passing exams at first try, failing a certain subject 9 times, etc...). If they could, you can do that too. The clue is simply not giving up, that's all. If you're going through hell, just keep going. :)

How true
At Hogwarts
Let's pose with a tree and a degree
Degree celebration besides Parliament (Budapest) with our ghost
And the night's supporters: Spar and Terranova

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