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How to get rid of sunburn

Severe heat waves were typical for Hungary in the last few weeks. But do you know what? I LOVE it. I am waiting for it all winter, and honestly can't wait to die of them. I am also preparing for Northern Ireland in my mind where the real summer is missing, so I need to save some hot weather day memories.

I spent my last three days with my childhood best friend at a lake nearby to enjoy our excessively hot weather. My skin is quite pale and gets burned easily (it happens to me almost every summer at least once which is very bad for my skin, I know), so I felt obligated to conclude the methods I have tried upon this subject. Me myself will include all of them in the next few days, because I am going to go to Croatia for the weekend where I will need super skin protection. 

If you are interested in the causes of sunburn and some information about UV rays, you can red about them here.

To get started, I can't avoid mentioning the best possible 'treatment' against sunburn which is prevention. If you pay attention to a couple of little things, you can easily avoid sun damage and the temporary yet unpleasant suffering that comes with it.


1. Apply sunscreen cream
I know, it's not new for you, but I obviously can't leave it out of this article. The higher SPF is the better, so don't even contemplate about it to confusion. SPF 30 should be fine, and the cream is important to be a good quality product, that's all. But what I have discovered as a great techique is that I always apply the cream everywhere on my body right before I go to the beach. I am sure that as soon as you arrive to the beach, you jump to the water immediately (so the cream will simply be washed off your body). Even if you have a lot of self-awareness and can wait for 15-20 minutes, the cream still can't reveal its best possible effect. Apply sunscreen cream at home before you leave! :)

Another thought about sunscreen cream: some of my friends are concerned about sunscreen cream usage. As every cosmetic, it can be full of dangerous chemicals too, that's why it's important to use the best possible quality. Some of them may cause cancer, but you also can get cancer of sunburn itself. Vicious circle... What I do is that I use sunscreen cream, because my skin is super-sensitive, but I recommend you to try coconut oil as a replacement of sunscreen cream. It may also prevent sunburn for you. Give it a try.

2. Lay in the shadow and on the sun alternately. You shall find a place on the beach that provides you enough shade, especially if you're there all day, otherwise you'll more likely look like a grill chicken by the end of the day.

3. Take E vitamin capsules some days before you go to the beach. Don't spare with them. I have often taken 5-6 capsules/day. You can't overdose it, so don't worry about that. :)

4. Eat well. If you prepare your body from inside before beaching, your skin will be thankful for you. Follow my alkaline diet plan, if you wish.

TREATMENT - if the grill chicken effect is present

1. I could suggest, as I did above, taking E vitamin capsules (a lot) and eating well. You must provide  a lot of nutrients to your skin cells for regeneration. The regeneration process, by eating cucumber, tomato, lettuce, veggie smoothies, cold-pressed oils etc., can be 5-10 times faster than eating a pizza when you get home. Healing starts from inside, don't forget.

2. Drinking good quality, clear water is equally important to eating right, if not even more important. Don't spare with it. Gulp down 2-3 liters of water if you can. If you can't, then drink as much as you can.

3. Let's have a nice, cool shower or bath which is just so refreshing for your whole body, blood circulation and for your red, painful skin as well.

4. Apply natural skin cosmetics, like aloe vera, shea butter or coconut oil which reduce the irritation of the burned area. And forget about sour cream! Despite the popular belief, it's full of bacteria and rather worsens your skin condition than help it.

5. Relax as much as you can. If your skin got burned, just eat something alkaline, take your E vitamins, have your shower/bath and go to nap or sleep. Don't do anything else, if you can. You must relax, so your skin cells can do their best too. You'll get so much better in the morning. :)

6. Consider paying more attention to prevention next time. :)

Hopefully, you find my advice as helpful (at least) as some commonplaces written online.
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See you soon :)

 x Rose

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