Summary of June

Let's start this month by summarising what happened in June.

Yesterday night I figured out that I will do the same at the beginning of every month - it may function as a little retrospection for those who missed out something from my irresistibly exciting life.

What made me happy in the month of June

- Mainly the thought of summer is here
- The afternoons after I got back to Budapest, went to some shops then ate fish and chips with my sister at one of the biggest shopping centre.
- Finishing the university after quite a lot of intensive, unpleasant studying, and closing a five year period by this.
- The moment when I became aware of the success of my final exam.
- The ice-cream what I ate after this.
- Burning my study materials in our stove.
- The day when I could finally start this blog.
Going to a lake nearby, and enjoying the sunshine on this hot day.
- Taking part in my cousin's wedding which was a fun, beautiful ceremony.
- Starting to delve into some spiritual matter for I did not have time earlier.
- Eating healthy meals, like an alkalising salad, an avocado pudding or just a simple, veggie breakfast.
- The relaxing bicycle trips of mine in the evenings.
- Standing alone at the middle of a huge field during sunset.
- Buying some cheap yet very nice piece of clothes.
- Using the bath ball that I've got from one of my friends as a gift.
- Visiting the Őrség Fair the last time.
- Buying a pair of white gloves for my degree ceremony at an agricultural store (for 50 pennies).

Random pictures I appreciated by energy connection in June

What a peaceful, tempting view. I can't get enough of these pictures.
Just love this style.
I'll miss you, Budapest
I can't even describe how perfect this plate of food is.
Let's visit Fully Raw Christina's site for similar creations
Homeland <3
Thank you for reading this post. Just to start July with a great program, I'll go to Aquacity (my favourite summer place at this area) in a few minutes, and will show some photos to you tomorrow.

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x Rose

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