Summary of July

Closing July and welcoming August by a few lines

Wow, the time flies. It was not that long ago that I was sitting on my bed concluding what happened in June in my very exciting life, and I feel as if it happened just yesterday. Maybe my perception of time accelerates as I get older (24 years - lots of time) :)

Before going into the details of July, I would like to mention some little things about the blog. I don't know if I have a couple of dedictaed readers or nobody has realised anything, but I moved my actual blog back to this old url which I use from the very beginnings. This url has belonged to my previous blog 'Rose and Health' containing some bilingual (Hungarian/English) health articles and some personal stuff. I have updated the site with my new writings which are quite various, but centered around my Hungarian adventures, thoughts about Northern Ireland and healthy lifestyle, mainly. Feel free to check them :)

And now, let's see what happened in July :)

There are a lot of experiences what made me happy in the last month...

-  Heat waves. Some of my acquaintances were complaining about it, but I enjoyed the extremely hot weather. I love when I can jump onto my bicycle in my wet swimsuit, and I am not even cold. I love it.
- Meeting with lots of friends with whom I could not meet a lot earlier. I am happy that true, old friendships do not fade even if we don't speak for a long time.
- Watching Alan Watts and Mooji youtube videos, and relaxing my mind/soul by them. (I do recommend them to you).
- Going to AquaCity which is my favourite place at this area and where I had some funny moments with my sister.
- Getting my diploma within an official ceremony which was nice, and I truly enjoyed the vegan restaurant where my family members and I went having lunch after.
- Watching the film Tess of the D'Urbevilles which has left a significant impression on my mind - it happens to me quite rarely!
- Taking part in one of my friends' hen night and spending a really nice weekend in Budapest the last time.
- Visiting Croatia on a budget which was the heyday of July for me. I love spending time beside the sea, swimming in the salty water and enjoying the view. It is incomparable to anything :)

Random pictures I appreciated in July for no considerable reason

Being obsessed with summer pictures :)

Just home feeling

Favourite food ever

I don't know if this vintage bicycle is uncomfortable for a longer trip, but looks great on a picture

A bit spiritual stuff, but tells you pretty much about life, no?

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you'll accompany me in August too, because it seems to be an exciting month - I will move to Northern Ireland, finally, which will happen on 14th of August.

x Rose

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